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Nikki's Portraits of Childhood
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I am often asked, "When did you start painting?" That is a difficult one to answer since painting was a common past time in my family. My mother and brother both painted as do some of my children even now for their own enjoyment.  Painting is a way of life for me and I have been fortunate to have made it my full time career while raising my four children. I have painted commissioned portraits for the past 17 years for families right across North America. Many of my clients have become close friends as I have painted repeatedly for them over the years seeing their family grow.  Several repeat clients have ordered as many as 5 - 6 originals from me.  I have had numerous group and solo shows. If you would like my complete artist's c.v. please contact me and I will be happy to forward it to you.

My family is now grown and on their own.  I now find I have the time to explore new territory in my creative process. The workshops and the art instruction I have been offering have pushed me in new directions with my work.  For example, my Acrylic Garden Tour Workshop allowed me time to explore experimental methods and mediums used with acrylics, leading me into this new avenue of painting on copper. I love the effects of changing light afforded by this new medium. As a viewer approaches one of these works, the copper not covered by paint, allows the ambient light to glint and shift just as the natural light would shift across the landscape in nature.  

For the past 2 summer I was privileged to be a guest artist in residence at Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan. I spent four weeks each year providing art related programming to visitors to this provincial park. I was also to provide open studio times where the public could come and see me at work.  Part of my responsibilities that I absolutely loved was to pursue my own art practice.  I chose to concentrate on a new body of work featuring scenes from this provincial park painted on copper.  To accomplish this a portion of my day was spent, exploring the beautiful trails, photographing reference material, and sketching on location.  It doesn't get much better than that for a nature lover like myself! 

These works are varnished to avoid oxidation of the copper. Larger works may be ordered framed. They are mounted on linen covered foam core so that the copper plate remains visible. The frames, in a copper finished wood compliment the paintings perfectly.  The smaller business card sized works are mounted on painted wooden plaques and come with a peg so they may be displayed standing or hung on a wall.  To see examples of this type of presentation please contact me using the link on this page.  I welcome your inquiries. 
Click this link if you would like a copy of the artist's c.v.
 Nikki Jacquin / Visual Artist
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